I’ll be at Arisia 2015!

I’m excited and honored to be appearing on four panels at this year’s Arisia 2015 science fiction convention, coming up this January 16-19. I plan to be there for every day of the con, and I’ll post a list of panels that I will be attending as an audience member later, once I’ve had a chance to digest the program.

Below are the panels I’ll be appearing on as a panelist.

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey (Sat 10:00 AM)
Neil deGrasse Tyson hosted a successful season of “Cosmos”. Seen by many as a “remake” of Carl Sagan’s PBS show, others consider it a bold shot back from scientists at the anti-science nabobs of our day. Let’s talk about how much it has (or hasn’t) changed the discussion.

Science — Diversity Needed (Sat 7:00 PM)
Scientists in our diverse country come from a very narrow subset of our ethnicities and subcultures, and a majority are cisgender and male. What are the hazards of this lack of diversity in the profession? How does this lead scientific fields to fail the populace? And most importantly, what can we do about it?

How We Learn (Sun 2:30 PM)
How does the human mind absorb, retain, and recall information? What psychological and biological processes are involved? Does one learning method work for all, or do some learning styles suit certain types of people better?

For Science! (Sun 7:00 PM)
The phrase “for science!” has become a cry equivalent to “anything goes” in pop culture. But what do scientists do “for science”? From venturing into volcanoes that are erupting, to chasing tornadoes, to testing new procedures on themselves, scientists do a lot more than sit in a lab and write research reports. What are the ethical and sensible limits of doing things “for science” and how much should we really not try this at home?

I’m looking forward to the con events and meeting great new people!

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