The WordStill Writer’s Circle

Just as a whiskey still transforms base grains into fine spirits, the WSWC takes the raw ideas of its members and refines the spirit of their story potential.

Forged in December 2021, the WSWC meets bi-weekly to share ideas, workshop works in progress, relay opportunities, discuss writing craft, and – of course – partake in a dram or two of whiskey.

The main purpose of the group is for support and inspiration.


Nalin Ratnayake writes fiction as N.A. Ratnayake, primarily in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. His works tend to explore motifs of ethnic identity, connection to the natural world, asymmetric power conflict, colonialism/imperialism, humanism, multiculturalism, and engineering better futures.

Nalin doesn’t have a favorite whiskey, but wafts whispers of nostalgia from Teacher’s Highland Cream (Blended Scotch), as it reminds him of his grandfather from Sri Lanka.

You can find Nalin on the web at and (sometimes, reluctantly) on Mastodon as QuantumCowboy @ WanderingShop.