Can someone please explain to me what the HELL just happened? Twitter exchange on #clifi compiled below.

N.A. Ratnayake ‏@QuantumCowboy

  • I’m skeptical of this new term #clifi to refer to #scifi that address climate change from a moral imperative standpoint. [1:20 PM – 1 Aug 2014]
  • I don’t disagree with their stance, but just miffed that some imply #scifi lacks a moral stance. It can, should, & does. @scifipolicy [1:24 PM – 1 Aug 2014]


Daniel Halevi Bloom ‏@clificentral

  • @QuantumCowboy why? tell me more why? i am all ears i coined cli fi term, [12:35 AM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy NAR, cli fi does NOT refer to sci that address CC from a moral Imp POV. they are two sep genres. This is not about sci fi [12:36 AM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy this new term #clifi does NOT refer to #scifi that address climate change from a moral imperative standpoint. NO! who told u? [12:37 AM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy see cli fi blog here  danny email me [12:37 AM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy re cli fi and boston i am tufts 1971 grad i coined cli fi term ask me why.lets chat, i think u misunderstand cli fi. not SF! [12:39 AM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy I love sci fi, but cli fi is not sci fi . who told u that and where, lets chat. danbloom Tufts 1971 [12:39 AM – 2 Aug 2014]


N.A. Ratnayake ‏@QuantumCowboy

  • @clificentral 1. NYT RfD page: “A sub-genre of science fiction that explores the possible, often catastrophic, effects of climate change”… [6:49 PM – 2 Aug 2014]
  • @clificentral 2. Why be so territorial and particular about the branding? Good SF has always been imagining and shaping the future. [6:50 PM – 2 Aug 2014]


Danny Bloom ‏@polarcityman

  • @QuantumCowboy well the NYT got it wrong i told them so, it is not a subgenre of sci if never was but they went and said that anyways [12:40 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy this is not about branding. i love sci fi. but cli fi is NOT part of sci fi at all. CLi fi is new separate genre. not brand [12:42 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy to repeat: cli fi has nothing to do with SF. period.two separte genres. no connection. SF does climate stories too. cool. yes [12:43 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy CLI FI is: see wikpedia page for “cli fi” [12:44 AM – 3 Aug 2014]


N.A. Ratnayake ‏@QuantumCowboy

  • @polarcityman 1st sentence on Wikipedia: “Cli fi (or “cli-fi”) is short for climate fiction is commonly a subgenre of science fiction.” ???
    [1:34 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @polarcityman But this question of terminology seems really silly and missing the point. Why does it need a separate genre? #shrug
    [1:36 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @polarcityman Not trying to be an ass. I’m very pro-science, pro-environment, & all for promoting more positive futures thru fiction. [1:39 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @polarcityman I’m over it man. Work on your marketing. I honestly wish you the best of luck, bc people do need to be engaged w/ climate ch. [1:39 AM – 3 Aug 2014]


Danny Bloom ‏@polarcityman

  • @QuantumCowboy wiki is wrong. i created the cli fi term & its meaning. wiki got it wrong not a subgenre of anything, thanks for pointing out [1:52 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • >@QuantumCowboy will fix at WIki now [1:53 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy is ”commonly a subgenre of science fiction.” says WHO? they shoukd haev asked me,.,., email me NAR [1:53 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy Now reads ”Cli fi (or “cli-fi”) is an independent literary genre and not a subgenre of sci-fi.” [2:09 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy thanks QC for good chats and i work on PR, and yes climate is vital issue for all us all genres. SF too i agree. cheers DB [2:09 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy this question really silly . Why does it need a separate genre? ”DOES NOT NEED SEPARATE GENRE , but has one now. ” cheers [2:23 AM – 3 Aug 2014]
  • @QuantumCowboy fixed now….thanks for heads up on that, mate. Cheers . danny, nice chat i enjoyed it [2:24 AM – 3 Aug 2014]


N.A. Ratnayake  @quantumcowboy

  • @polarcityman Um, what? I’m probably your ideal audience for the idea, yet our exchange leaves me feeling like #clifi is absolutely absurd. [10:57 AM – 3 Aug 2014]

Edit: Last three tweets posted after the whiskey and morbid curiosity wore off. Added them this morning.

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