Work in Progress

Here’s what’s in the oven, in order of most to least done:

  • The Karma of Ponds – short story, fantasy, in circulation. A story that uses some of the structural and cosmological elements of South Asian mythology to tell a parable about climate change.
  • Rassam’s Eye – novel, science fiction, in drafting (primary project). Nimasha Vaas returns to the backwater planet of her birth and is forced to interrogate her personal identity against the backdrop of a budding interstellar war. What she discovers in the Caves of Rassam, a geologic formation sacred to the local culture, will change her homeworld – and human history – forever.
  • Far from the Sun that Warms Us – novel, science fiction, in planning. Twelve years after the events of Red Soil Through Our Fingers, Ashok Parekh has retreated from his ideals to a low-rent hideaway far from home, disillusioned and broken. When a surprise visitor arrives to give him unexpected news, Ashok begins a journey to face his past, and perhaps discover how to have hope in a system that seems impossible to change.
  • A trilogy(?) of fantasy novellas dealing with themes of climate change and sustainable societies, in ideation.